Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 Reasons You Need a Website - Part II

This entry is a continuation of the previous post.

6. You can set yourself apart from your competitors. A websites enables you to visually brand your business which, in a highly visual culture, is a huge asset. If your visual branding is unique, memorable, and distinct from your competitors, then you really have an edge.

7. You can advertise 24/7/365.
It’s simple, but true. We can only work so many hours in a day, and so many days a year. But a website? It works all day, every day to sell you and your business.

8. It allows you to stay in front of your customers.
A website is a point of reference that a person can revisit any time they wish – and one they won’t throw away. In addition, integrating items such as a sign-up for periodic emails or a link to your business’ Facebook page will help keep your name and brand in front of your customer base.

9. It will save you time and money.
A website helps cut down on inquiries that do not pertain to your business, as people can gather information about it beforehand. A website also answers FAQs, saving you additional inquiries. You can shorten your sales pitch, by referring people to the website for more information. In addition, certain marketing materials, such as brochures or booklets, may no longer be required as much, since the information can be found online. Lastly, having certain practices or regulations clearly spelled out online can protect you against legal or other issues.

10. It’s more affordable than you think.
Web design is more affordable today than it’s ever been. Whether your small business is just you or a LLC, don’t think a web design is out of your budget. Some designers – myself included – offer a free initial consultation, wherein you can discuss your needs without having to pay a dime up front.

These are only a handful of advantages to having a website in today’s marketplace. Ask yourself, “Can my business really afford not to have one?”…