Thursday, February 23, 2012

Simplifying Social Media: Facebook

Should your business be on Facebook? The overwhelming answer is, "Yes!"

Facebook currently has over 800 million users. It's easily the #1 social media website in existence. If there is one social media platform that every business should utilize from our list, no matter what type of business you have, it's Facebook. Without question.

So what exactly makes using Facebook so beneficial?

  • As stated above, Facebook has 800+ million users. It's also available in 70+ languages. For most businesses, that means your customers are already on Facebook. So unlike other marketing methods, or lesser-known social media platforms, your audience is already gathered and engaged - you just need to meet them there. 
  • Setting up a Facebook business page only takes a few minutes. It's also easy to upload content and make posts.  
  • Facebook also makes it easy to connect with your current clients, and invite them to join your business' page to get the ball rolling. (See the second video below.) 
  • You can share all kinds of content: photos, videos, and text. You can keep people apprised of new products and services, announce upcoming events (including being able to send out invites), ask questions, create polls, etc. In short, it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.
  • Because Facebook is a social media platform, unlike traditional marketing methods, it's very, very easy for people to share your business - and your business page's content - with other people, who then share it with additional people, and so on. All it takes is a click of the button. 
  • It's FREE. (Where else can you potentially network and advertise to millions of people for free?

That being said, the next question is: How do you actually go about setting up and utilizing your Facebook page?

If you're new to Facebook, don't fear - there are a plethora of easy-to-understand resources to help guide you. Start with the videos below. The "Facebook Marketing for Dummies" book (see below) would also be a wise investment. (And don't let the title make you feel bad. I've used the "Dummies" books to teach myself web design coding. I'm a super-direct, cut-to-the-chase kinda girl, and these books are just the ticket!)

Action Step: Remember - you don't need to master Facebook overnight. Start by checking off Facebook on our Social Strategy Guide, fill in how it can benefit your business in particular, and gather some helpful resources. Unless you feel a pressing need, you can wait until we've completed the Social Strategy Guide before even creating an account.

Facebook Basics:

How to Set-up a Facebook Page for Your Business:

Helpful Books:

Facebook Marketing For Dummies
Facebook Marketing For Dummies (Kindle)

Helpful Links:

Facebook Basics (official Facebook page)
What to Post on Your Business Page (a great, comprehensive list)

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