Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simplifying Social Media: YouTube

Founded in 2005, YouTube is a free online video hosting service. Meaning, you can upload your videos to YouTube for free to:

  • Share your videos within the YouTube community
  • Enable people to find your videos via a web search (especially through Google, which bought YouTube in 2006)
  • Enable people - including yourself - to easily share your videos via websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

"But my business isn't video-related," you say. "Why could YouTube possibly do for me?" Answer: a lot.

Video is such a hugely impactful tool. Even if your business isn't related to the video industry, there are a ton of ways videos can help your business.

By utilizing video you can:

  • Create better brand awareness. We live in a highly visual culture - one where we can now watch video on our phones! In addition to a professional website and marketing materials, consider creating a funny or memorable video to promote your brand. Something that will stick in people's minds, and that they would want to share with others via Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
  • Visually sell your products and services. Instead of just telling people about your products, let them see them. Are you an event speaker? Show video clips from various events. Are you an interior designer? Create a video wherein people can visually follow you through the process, putting their mind at ease. No matter your business, allow your market to see what you do!
  • Educate your customers. It's important to remember that our customers don't know as much about our products or services as we may think. Put yourself in their shoes - if you were purchasing your products or services, what would you want to know? Then create a series of videos based on those topics. Not only will you educate your target market, but you'll establish yourself as a credible expert.
  • Provide customer service. Even after a person buys your product, they're bound to have questions. Does the item require maintenance (such as an appliance)? Is there a technique involved (such as with make-up)? Are there frequently asked questions your customers will likely have? Video is a great way to serve your customers even after the sale.
  • Let people get to know you. As we discussed earlier, people aren't buying your products and services so much as they are buying you. Yes, they are interested in your skills and know-how. But they also want to know who you are - your values, work ethic, personality, etc. Create a video or two that is professional, but yet reveals who you are. Let people see and connect with the person they're buying from.
  • Share customer testimonials. Research shows that testimonials are potent. For some reason, when we see a person describing their happy experience, we get drawn in and want whatever they bought! Let potential customers see the level of customer satisfaction your business provides.

Still, does the idea of delving into video overwhelm you? Don't worry - we're taking things one step at a time. For right now, just complete the action step below.

Action Step: Could your business benefit from utilizing YouTube? Would doing so be in line with your overall objectives? If so, place a checkmark next to the YouTube icon on your Social Media Strategy Guide.

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