Thursday, May 31, 2012

Social Media Button Placement

With the explosion of social media, social media buttons have become a must-have for any website. By encouraging visitors to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media networks, you can keep your target market engaged and remind them of your business.

It may seem like adding social media buttons to a website is a simple, cut-and-dry issue. But like with anything else, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Use Recognizable Buttons

Whether you create your own buttons or utilize a pre-designed set, make sure the network logos are easily identifiable. There's nothing wrong with the buttons matching the color scheme or style of your website. (See below.) However, keep the logos as close to the original as possible. For example, avoid using different fonts or creating a complicated design. Otherwise, people won't recognize the buttons for what they are.

2. Make Them Easy-to-See

First, your buttons should be a reasonable size. If they're too small, they will get lost in the design or be hard to recognize. Second, group all of your buttons together into a single row or block.

Third, the ideal location for your buttons is the top-right corner of your website. They should also appear on every page, so visitors can utilize them from anywhere within the site.

If the pages of your website are long, it's a good idea to have buttons in the footer as well. The secondary buttons act as a convenience to your visitors, so they don't have to scroll back to the top of the page.

3. Choose Wisely

You may be tempted to offer buttons for every social network you've joined. However, consider only offering buttons for the networks you are the most active on. Visitors will be expecting to connect with you, after all. So if you don't really have a presence on a specific network, you will only be creating a negative or disappointing experience.

Does your website currently offer social media buttons? Why or why not?

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