Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seize the Marketing Power: Host Your Twylah Page on Your Website

In a previous post, we looked at Twylah, a new third-party website designed to "deepen engagement with your Twitter followers."

I recently acquired my own Twylah page. As I was exploring Twylah further, I discovered that you can host your Twylah page on your website! As a web designer, social media enthusiast, and marketing professional, I instantly got excited.

Why? Because Twylah and your website are, in and of themselves, very powerful marketing tools. But combining them - wow! Consider the following:

Your Website Can Utilize the Twylah Power

When people (whether they be fans, potential customers, etc.) want to learn more about you, your website is one of the first places they will visit. By hosting your Twylah page on your website, you are offering a deeper level of engagement - all in one place. Twylah will add a link to your website onto your Twylah page, so visitors can easily move from one to the other.

It Gives Your Website More Traffic

On the flip side, say someone finds you via your Twylah page. By hosting your page on your website, your site is gaining that traffic. As mentioned above, your Twylah page will offer a link to your website. That means visitors can easily learn more about you - and your products and services.

...Those are two very powerful reasons to host your Twylah page on your website!

So how do you go about setting it up? First, if you don't have a Twylah page, you need to request an invite (as Twylah is still in beta). Then, after your invite request is approved and your Twylah page is created, follow these instructions. Don't worry - if you get stuck, Twylah offers assistance.

As for me, I will definitely be taking advantage of this option as I redesign my website. Kudos, Twylah, for thinking like marketing champions!


  1. Had a notice from Twylah and I've been meaning to do this.

    Thanks for the reminder and the link to the instructions.

  2. You're welcome, Keith! I'm glad the post was helpful.